Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Trip #1 to Labor & Delivery!

So last night around 6:00 we headed to the hospital to the Labor & Deliver Floor. No, I'm not close to my due date at all. I am 19 weeks along. All day I had been feeling "pressure" and I just felt "different". I laid on the couch most of the day and I thought I felt better but then when I got up I still felt pressure. I decided to call my OB's office at 4. They said they thought I had a UTI (urinary tract infection) which I found hard to believe because I have had about a million of those in my life and I pretty much know when I have one and when I don't. They wanted me to drink lots of water and come in Tuesday morning for a urine specimen. Aaron came home at 5 and I started to feel worse and then I KNOW I had a contraction. That freaked me out so I called my sis, Keely, who just had a baby and we discussed it and she thought I should go. We had to drop the kids off with MIL first and then off to the hospital. Well, after peeing in a cup, answering one million questions, getting hooked up to the TOCO monitor to check contractions and baby's heartbeat and having my cervix checked, the conclusion was there was nothing wrong with me . . . maybe the baby was laying on my bladder differently. It was moving around like crazy yesterday and I do believe it may have been using my bladder as a punching bag. Aaron thinks because I drink so much Diet Mountain Dew that I have it all hopped up on caffeine. I did feel better because I had downed a lot of water by the time we got to the hospital and hearing the baby's heartbeat and how much it was moving around made me more at ease. I felt kind of foolish but I am super paranoid about pregnancy problems just because I know way too much from my triplet pregnancy. I had so many issues and problems with the triplet pregnancy and I know so many women who have lost babies that I can't help it. I know I have minimum of 5 more weeks of pregnancy before this baby even has the slightest chance of survival outside the womb. It's those kind of freaky details that make me worry about every little pain or new feeling. So I am feeling better today. I am resolving to only drink one soda a day now so that I can remember to get more juice and water in my system too. That makes me sad but it's only for 5 months so I can do it. Aaron was all too funny at the hospital joking with the nurse that I just wanted to go there so I could lay in bed and watch TV with no kids just like my old bedrest days -- yeah right!

On another note, I noticed that my belly button is starting to disappear. I kind of freaked out about it because I still have one more week until I am half way through this pregnancy. Aaron was completely grossed out by it which is pleasant. Then I received a pregnancy update from a website about week 19 and sure enough, it said this is when your belly button starts to pop out since that's about where the top of your uterus has grown (at your belly button). So unbelievably I am normal I guess. . . only in a few ways. Here's my progress at 19 weeks. (Please excuse this horrible photo of myself -- it was the end of a long day.)

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