Thursday, July 26, 2007

Where have I been???

I don't even know what I have been doing that I haven't updated for so long again. Maybe nothing has been happening so I have nothing to say?

Anyway things are just moving along in many areas. Addison pooped on the potty all by herself and then came and told me. About 10 minutes earlier she had asked for "Spidermans" which I thought she wanted fruit snacks when it turns out she wanted a pull-up (she uses boy ones a lot) but I refused so she ended up waiting a while and then going. It was great and the boys clapped for her and we called Daddy on the phone too. Now I just have to get her to do it again.

I've been gathering more of unused/unwanted scrapbook stuff of mine and Scrapaganza is having a "yard sale" where they are letting some customers bring in stuff to sell and earn a gift certificate to the store. I didn't think I would have much since I ebayed a few hundred dollars of stuff a few months ago but I came up with $100 worth of stuff and the kids and I are taking that there tonight so I hope I sell most of it. The new CHA stuff should be coming in to their store in the next few weeks and would be nice to have some cash to get some newer products.

We had our second EI/preschool transition meeting last week. And the decision was that we haven't made a decision yet. We have decided that Ethan will not be going into the Tiny Titans program in Monmouth at this time for two reasons: 1) We are not putting our preschooler who doesn't communicate very well on a bus -- if he's having a problem for whatever reason he can't tell us 2) I have no idea what in the world I would do with two more preschoolers and a newborn in the middle of winter while we waited for Ethan to go to preschool for 1/2 day everyday and with the price of gas we can't drive back home (that would be 80 minutes on the road times 5 days a week). We can't sit in the car for 2 or 3 hours, shopping would be hell, and that isn't going to coincide with getting the new baby on a schedule (which is as everyone knows I am a FREAK about babies and schedules). I plan on visiting the United Preschool (2 blocks away) in the fall but I am going to have to be majorly impressed to send Ethan there. Addison and Caden are probably not going to preschool which is just fine. I am so disappointed that everything offered was a 5 day a week program for 3 year olds. That is just way too much in my opinion even at half days and we didn't make all these sacrifices for me to be a stay-at-home-mom to send them to school everyday when I am at home. There's a possibility that we may be able to continue with the All Aboard program we are currently in but that's still up for discussion. Ethan will continue speech therapy at United School whether he goes or not and I still plan on doing home preschool for all three of them. The Learning Box seems really good and not too bad in price. My triplet connection moms who use it say it's good and worth the money. I'll have it figured out by our next meeting in October. But I feel good about the meeting overall and I felt that most of the therapists/teachers were supportive and understanding of our situation/decisions.

We had a 6 month review of Ethan and Caden at the same time of the preschool meeting. With both the speech therapist and developmental therapist Ethan ended up with an overall score of 24 months. So that is about 8 months behind which is more than it was 6 months ago . . . which seems disappointing but I think he is making huge strides in many areas and I am hoping by the next review he will "catch up" some. I made a list of words that he says and there was around 30. Before it was about 10 when we counted words and signs. Everyday he says new things. When the developmental therapist was here this week I think he said 3 new words just in that session and one was baseball. I think he can talk and knows so much more than what he lets on. He has been saying some short phrases lately too like "Bye, kitty" and "See you later". I think it will come. I hope it will come . . . I sometimes worry a lot about him and am hoping I am doing the "right" things for him to help him learn but he's so hard to figure out. And then my angel, Sue Kirchgessner (our physical therapist), comes to check us out every 6 months and she reminds me of where he started and how far he's come from birth and how he almost didn't make it and I am able to put everything back into perspective for the time being.

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