Saturday, September 15, 2007


Last Friday (over a week ago), All Aboard Preschool took our class to the Warren County Prime Beef Festival in Monmouth. It was "Special Persons Day" and we got to ride all the rides we wanted for free. The only time the kids have ever been on a ride is the carousel at the zoo a few times. I wasn't sure if they would be afraid or not because you never know. They rode everything they could more than once and were not afraid in the least bit.

The loved fast things, high things, scary things, and even the slow ones. It was really hot but I'm so glad we went and Aaron took the day off to go so he got to ride with them. I unfortunately didn't ride anything but the carousel because all the rides said not recommended if you are pregnant which was fine. The teachers and therapists were there and helped out and rode with the kids. It is so nice of them to always help us since we are always outnumbered and it makes things like this hard when the kids are still so young.

This event happened during our nap time so I was concerned about that but they did okay until it was time to leave and then we had some meltdowns but they just didn't want to stop.

This slide was really high and there were a ton of stairs to walk up. All three of them did it twice and they loved it. They would have done it over and over if the adults hadn't pooped out on climbing the stairs.

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