Monday, September 3, 2007

Lots of "plans" spoiled by "colds"

So Aaron hardly ever gets any days off but Labor Day is one of the days he doesn't have to work (without pay of course) so we were going to have a 3 day weekend and I was thinking we can get some things done around here plus have some fun time with the kids and maybe even have a "date" and watch a movie one night while the kids are in bed. Well we had a big wrench thrown into our "plans" when I came down with a cold and pretty much felt rotten since when you're pregnant there isn't much to take medicine-wise to make you feel better although Tylenol did help a little. So I felt bad since Saturday afternoon and was in bed almost all of Sunday and now today Aaron is in bed. So since both of us can't be sick at the same time, I have made a miraculous recovery today (not really but what can you do?) Of course the kids are to blame for all this -- they had runny noses last week and if they ever felt like Aaron and me you would have never known. There were some "classmates" at school who had runny noses and I'm sure that's where we caught it. It happens but I really try to avoid all illnesses. There are 2 main reasons for this: first if Aaron and/or I are out of commission things seem to spin out of control really fast. We can't afford for him to miss work due to illness (no sick days for union plumbers) and I can't hold down the fort while he's at work and I'm sick. Second, if the kids get sick life is hell! There's no ideal situation on this either: having all 3 sick at once or having them get sick one at a time over a period of time. It's so frustrating and it just plain "sucks". And I KNOW kids get sick but if one more person tells me "it's good that they are sick, it builds up their immunity", I'm may punch them or better yet make them come over and listen to 3 whiny kids who are throwing up faster than you can clean it up or I'll just wait until they're sick and have them babysit 3 wild 2-1/2 year olds who do not care that you are sick. None of the people saying this have ever had multiples so how do they know it's "good". Yeah, later they will probably miss 1/2 their kindergarten year, but oh well, I'll worry about it then.

Needless to say that we didn't get a lot of our "to-do" list done nor do any of the fun things we had planned like attended the Labor Day Parade. Aaron did manage to put together the toddler bed we have. I think we will start transitioning Caden next week. They love the bed and it looks like it will see more playtime than sleep time; but I've got to try to do this so the baby has a place to sleep since I refuse to own 4 cribs! I doubt this bed lasts too long at all (they are considering it a small wrestling ring) and they are already fighting over who it belongs to. All our cribs transition to toddler beds so I was hoping all we needed was one toddler bed for the time being and the other 2 kids could just use the cribs/toddler beds until we get a set of bunk beds for the boys and a twin bed for Addison but we'll have to see how that goes.

The kids haven't been fed the best in the last few days good thing they can go a while missing a few meals -- oh, we've offered meals but because we are low on grocercies the pickings are slim here at this time. Good thing Addison is loving cereal in a bowl with "water" as she calls it (I do use milk.) She can eat 3-4 bowls in one sitting which she ate this morning. I wish the boys liked it too. We never have any food item that they all love except candy and even that can be iffy sometimes.

Here's our "boy". He's a "princess" as he says and is having a grand time dancing with Ethan. Too funny. Notice how messy the playroom is -- that's just from one day of us not picking up so as you can tell things fall apart here quickly (well with the help of 3 people tearing it apart).
So we're hoping we're all feeling better tomorrow because life just seems to go on whether you feel like it or not!

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