Thursday, September 13, 2007

Future Surgeon?

I think Addison is going to be a surgeon. She washes her hands more times than I can count each day. I think that's why she is doing so well with potty training just so she can wash her hands. She can do it all except push the pump down on the liquid soap which is a good thing otherwise I would be buying soap by the gallon each week. She can turn on and off the water and scrub and dry. She is must have the door shut when she goes to the bathroom and says "Mommy, I shutta the door" She doesn't like anyone in there with her but sometimes I insist. If I say leave the door open she will say "Few minutes, Mommy!" She really has never done anything in the bathroom that she shouldn't but you never know so I try not to leave her in there too long. Hope her good hygiene habits continue!

Yesterday we went on a nature walk at school and it was fun. The kids were encouraged to pick up sticks, leaves, pine cones, etc and put in a bag and I think we are making a collage with them on Friday. They had homemade binoculars that we made too to "look" for stuff. They had fun. Ethan is talking up a storm. Mostly labeling and repeating but he does say things on his own too. Lately he's been saying "I cry" when he is crying in case I didn't know and a couple days ago he said "Kitty sleep". He has said some number words like "two" and "four". He is naming lots of animals, their sounds, his and his facial parts. I am very pleased although we have a ways still to go and I think his new speech therapist, Amber, is happy with the progress too.

Caden did well in his toddler bed with day #2 too. We just put him in bed at nap and bedtime and he stayed there and went to sleep. I love it when the kids are "easy"!

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