Thursday, September 27, 2007


I am currently in my home kidless! In about 3 years time this has happened approximately 5 times. It's very weird! My sister, Keely, is giving me last year's Christmas gift: free babysitting for a weekend which is about the best gift I could ever receive! She drove 3 hours to get here today and loaded the kids in our van since they won't fit in her car and drove away. She is even stopping along the way at my sister, Monica's house, to feed them and give them some stretch room. They've stayed overnight with her last summer without us too and it was for 3 days I think. This time it will only be 2 nights and I am going to get them on Saturday spend the night there myself and we will come home on Sunday.
I have a million and one things I want to do while they are gone: switch out their summer clothes to fall/winter (a HUGE job), clean out the baby equipment closet and get out what we will need in a few weeks, go through tubs of newborn baby clothes, make birthday invites, work on artwork for the baby's room, go shopping for birthday gifts, eat a meal out with my husband at a place we don't get to go with kids, clean our bedroom, and I'm sure there's more . . . I won't get it ALL done but I will get a lot of it done. I may even sleep in tomorrow morning! It's so nice to have time alone to do stuff like this even though it doesn't sound like "fun stuff" -- it's stuff that is always bugging me that isn't done and needs to be but hard to get done with the kids around with 5 million interruptions.

I think they will do fine without us. We talked about it quite a bit. Last time Caden started getting a little "down" the last day and was really quiet and Keely was worried about him but he was just a little homesick. I aleady miss them (they've been gone about 1/2 hour) but I know they are in good hands and will have tons of fun and I do need the break. I owe my sister a huge thank you for this after all, she has a 2-1/2 year old, a 5 month old, 2 dogs, and her husband will be working more than 12 hours on Friday and Saturday! I hope she is sane by the time I get there Saturday!
So Thanks, Keely!
Meanwhile I'd better get off the computer and get busy!

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