Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Give him a hand . . . or several

Ethan likes to collect alike things sometimes and he is a hoarder (hope that just because he's a triplet). Yesterday morning he carried all the Mr. Potato Head hands around for a while which he's done before. I think it a good sign cause he only picked out the hands but maybe I should be concerned. Hmmmm . . . He also collects the 3 Elmo's we have and other things that are alike. Then when Daddy was home he took all the stuffed toys and buried him and then kissed him and when Daddy asked him if he pooped -- Ethan sat on his head! Such an odd duck (but maybe he just has a REALLY good sense of humor)!

Addison and Caden enjoyed it when Daddy built them "beds" out of the blocks and they laid their for a while -- we don't need toddler beds! What was I thinking??? These blocks are just as good!
Before Daddy got home yesterday they were having a blast doing some half naked galoshes dancing. They love those boots!

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