Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Another Zoo Trip

We made a third trip to the Niabi Zoo this past weekend. My sister: Keely, BIL: Jeremy, and their 2 kids: Jackson and Jeffrey, and my Dad hadn't been so we made a morning out of it. Even though we've been quite a bit it was still fun and the kids enjoyed it. I am going to make one little scrapbook about our 3 trips this summer. I can fit a lot of photos in it and then pick the best ones from our 3 trips. I already have the book made just have to add the photos and embellish.
We got a surprise at the zoo too. Keely and Jeremy had bought the kids zoo passes for the next year for their birthday. The kids' admission is free until they are 3 so once their birthday comes around in a couple months we probably won't be able to afford to go to the zoo at all. I think this is a great gift. Our whole family gets to go to the zoo as often as we want for the next year. We got some other perks with it too, like some free train rides, guest passes, and discount to the gift shop and other programs. The kids can enjoy this for a whole year and it is good at some other zoos not too far from us so we will be going to those too. Keely always comes up with great gifts like that -- I can never think of anything!

Grammy and Papa let us borrow their bounce house and the kids jumped in it for quite a while. Keely, Jeffrey, and I got to go to Scrapaganza to shop and I picked up my prize: I got Reminisce Genuine Boy paper line and stickers. They had a lot of different papers for me to pick from but since I own sooooooo much girly pink stuff for Addison, I thought it would be nice to get some cool paper for the boys for a change! We also went to Michael's where I started buying stuff for the kids' 4th birthday -- yeah I know we aren't even close to number 3 yet but I like to get a head start.
On the pregnancy front, I had another doctor appointment and things seem to be moving along but I get another sonogram in 2 weeks which makes me happy. However the tiredness is creeping back and that may be due to the fact that my hips started hurting when I sleep. I'm sure this is for 3 reasons: 1) I hardly move during the night as it takes a lot of energy to flip over in the flat position so turning over once is about all I can manage; 2) I haven't gained that much weight about 12 pounds but it is all in the "baby area" and that is right in line with my hips; 3) my pelvis is probably stretching out preparing for childbirth. This also happened with the triplets but a lot sooner plus I gained 62 pounds in that pregnancy and MOST of it was in the belly area too. My doctor said nothing much to do about it. I think I will go get a new egg crate mattress pad since our old one is over 3 years old and I may plug in the heating pad as recommended by the doctor. Only 12 weeks left -- I can do it!

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