Wednesday, September 19, 2007

My Bedtime Bubble Burst

Switching to toddler beds . . . well, Caden switching to a toddler bed . . . was really pretty easy overall. However, yesterday he got up several times during nap: once because he pooped the other 13 times I don't know and he was yelling from our bedroom to the other bedroom and Addison was doing the same. I put them down before 1 pm and they didn't go to sleep until close to 3 and by 4 they were all up! Needless to say, I didn't get much done during nap time other than some exercise of climbing the stairs countless times and exercising my lungs in a whisper yell because Ethan did fall asleep right away but that meant that he was awake by 3:45 to wake the others. And truthfully I don't think Addison EVER sleep anyway. Aaron and I had planned to put Caden back in the kid room last night and put Addison in our room in a converted crib in our room. So before supper we moved everything and put on the "precious Dora sheet" she wanted to badly. Then came bedtime. What a nightmare! Aaron decided he would lay in our bed for a while since it was Addison's first time in our room in a new bed. Ethan who didn't seem concerned about any of this bed switching before now was all confused. One crib missing out of their room, a new toddler bed moved in, Addison missing, and Caden back in . . . he didn't' know what was going on. He decided to handle it by screaming (not crying but screaming like he was seeing a monster) which in turn made Caden cry which made Addison continue to say "Daddy, what's that?" and "That's scary". My kids even at 2 years old know how to tease each other and do so (quite often) by just screaming. Now you think what's the big deal but if they scream and look at a particular person it can make that person cry which when you are 2 that's some major power! They all do it usually not at the same time or Aaron and I would be insane. The screaming thing lasted for about 1/2 hour and I don't know how many times Aaron and I went in there to tell Ethan to be quiet and for Caden to calm down. Then Caden kept getting out of bed -- good thing we have hardwood floors to hear the bare feet walking around. Then Addison would get up to see what Aaron was doing in the boys' room. Then Ethan started crying and Addison said it was too dark even though we had a night light on. I had to go up there and lay in our room after an hour so Aaron could go lay with the boys. After about 1-1/2 hours of all this nobody was even close to sleep and Aaron and I were mad and exhausted from it all. We put Addison's mattress back in a crib and put them all to bed in the same room. I think they were all sleeping by 10. I guess it was too much change all at once. Or maybe it was that yesterday was just one of those days . . . one of those days where it felt like there wasn't 5 minutes of peace around here . . . somebody was whining or crying all day. I don't know why either. I took them to playgroup which was fine except Ethan had some difficulty with circle time and Addison and Caden decided to sit in the middle of the circle and talk to the teacher like they were the only ones there. Ethan didn't want to pick up at the end and I had to take him outside the room and leave Addison and Caden there. Then getting them to cross the busy street to get back to the van was frustrating as 2 were crying and throwing fits and an acquaintance of mine from about 3 years ago got out of their van to "talk" to me while I'm trying to get 3 crying kids in the van who don't want to get in. I was trying to be nice but jeez I was a little busy at the moment. She even got back in her van which was parked next to mine and then said "don't you ever have any help?" Does it look like I have help and if you are thinking I need help why didn't she stop talking to me for 2 minutes so I could get them in the van and buckled? Like Aaron says some people just don't "get it".

Yesterday was one of those days when having triplets was downright hard! Three kids sometimes means three times the crying, three times the whining, three times the amount of hard work, and three times the amount of frustration. Although I have to remember it also means three times the love, kisses, hugs, and three times the amount of fun times too but yesterday was three times as hard!!!

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