Saturday, September 22, 2007

An Apple Pickin' We Go!

We went to Tanner's Orchard today and boy, was it a neat place where we had a lot of fun!

They have a playground area that is really awesome with a wooden boat and airplane, real tractors to climb on, a real school bus, pony rides, barrel rides, and a straw bale maze. They kids loved the maze and ran around that for a little bit. It was hard in the playground area because they all wanted to go different places and with just Aaron and I we could only be 2 places not 3 and we lost a kid for a few seconds a couple of times. Some of the equipment was for a little bit old children and we didn't check everything out too well and Addison ended up sliding down a 5' fireman like pole in the pirate ship and immediately said "I'm okay" that was a little scary to me. The pony rides were hard too: a parent must stand next to the child and they wouldn't let 2 kids on one pony but the workers were nice and walked by Ethan so no one was left out and let me say ponies do not walk slow at all. Aaron said the same thing so that's not the pregnant me talking.

I would have to say the highlight for all of us was the apple picking. I wasn't sure how that would work. You cannot take strollers or wagons (in our case) out into the orchard and you ride a wagon to the orchard. So they drop you off and the kids were free but didn't run off. The apple tree were the short bush-like kind (dwarf) and just perfect for the kids to pick apples. We filled out little plastic bag that cost $10 and then each child carried about 3 apples back onto the wagon so we got our money's worth. We weren't able to go into the "market area" since there was this huge line but that's okay.

Ethan's favorite part was the goats. There is a bridge for the goats to climb above all the people and the goats even have a caged tree house which was very cool. We should have looked at the goats last and not first because leaving the goats was too much for Ethan. He called them "kitties" I think which makes me a little scared about what he thinks of our two old feeble cats which are about 1/10th the size of even a small goat. We are going to make some applesauce and an apple pie with our apples tomorrow!

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The Grubbs said...

Looks like you all had a great time! We went to an orchard last year and to read about getting an apple right off the tree makes me want to go back!