Friday, September 28, 2007

Clothing Hell and My Husband's Word Limit

I think one of the hardest things about having triplets is their clothes! That seems like the last thing I should say but I hate it especially the season/sizing changes. I don't have enough space for all their clothes! The photo above is our bed AFTER I had put away about 1/2 the clothes and zero space left. The boys are in 2 different sizes of pants, shirts, and socks. (Don't even get me started on the lack of consistency in children's sizing something Ethan can wear 18 month pants in one brand and 2T in another ARRRGGGHHH!) Then of course Addison has her own clothes and there's the PJ's, sweatshirts, coats, blankets, sheets, and clothing to grow into to keep track of in some sort of organized way. Now I don't have a shopping problem at all: I really don't buy much in the way of clothing for the kids. I only buy clothing on clearance keeping each piece $3 or less and to do that I usually have to buy the out of season stuff so I am buying for the next year which makes it hard to guess on sizes. We have lots of generous family and friends who give us clothing that their children have outgrown. My sister, Keely, picks us up clearance items when she is shopping for Jackson because he is basically the same size as the boys. So the clothing just seems to get out of control . . . I wish I had better storage options and maybe I will need to come up with something right now we have one 5 drawer dresser in their room but last night I could only get Addison shirts & pants, socks, and both boys' shirts in it. Boy's pants wouldn't fit and I have never put their PJs in there. There are 2 huge closets in their room but they are awkward as they have a regular door but are long and narrow. One closet is the baby equipment closet -- doesn't everybody have a baby equipment closet? The other one is clothes -- I have the clothes and shoes we haven't grown into yet, blankets, sheets, hanging clothes, coats, PJs, a couple bins to throw in the clothes that they have outgrown. It's pretty full and hard to get in and out of. I guess I will just have to go back up there this morning and maybe being less tired and less annoyed by my husband I can figure something out. At this point I think Ethan could wear a different shirt from now until next spring and never wear the same shirt twice!

You'd think I would love to spend some time with Aaron without the kids but last night he was driving me crazy! He talks a lot and always has and maybe I have forgotten this. After we were home together about a half hour I was ready to scream . . . he wasn't talking to me about anything specific but just making comments about everything and anything approximately every 3 -4 seconds. I swear he has to say a minimum number of words per day and yesterday he forgot both his work and personal cell phones at home so he didn't get in all his normal talking on the way to and from work. Now I am not so much a talker and enjoy just being quiet a lot especially without 3 screaming kids. I can remember before kids when I taught 1st grade and would come home, it was the same way Aaron would talk and talk and talk. I would have to explain to him that I was just with 25 people who for 7 hours each wanted to talk to me all day long and I now needed some quiet time. I think now that we have kids when he gets home, Aaron and the kids are doing a lot of talking to each other so I get a break. Addison is just like Aaron sometimes she just talks to talk so maybe one of the reason's that Ethan doesn't talk much yet is he is more like me and maybe he is just annoyed by the other two kids yakking it up all the time along with their dad!

I'm headed back upstairs to work in clothing hell in a quiet environment and now that I've had some rest I probably can figure out my clothing problems!

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The Grubbs said...

I am LOL at your post. The clothing sizes kill me too. Seriously, there should be standard outline for sizes.

As far as husband talking.. muha haha. My dh NEVER stops talking. All the time, about work, his brother, co-workers cousin's brothers. Anything and everything. He has always been a talker, but I think it is being with the kids all day everyday, my brain needs a breather.
So, no help here, but I feel your pain on all accounts. At least we have dh's who want to chat, or I would be complaining he never talks to me, lol.