Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Our First Day of {home} Preschool

Today we had our first day of home preschool! Last night I was scrambling through the box of stuff I ordered from The Learning Box. I should have been a little more prepared and that was my intention but with us being sick over the weekend it just didn't happen. I didn't even have a very good place to set up all the posters and charts they send you so I just put it in the dining room for the time being. Caden noticed it pretty quickly this morning and I told him it some "games" we were going to play. Then Addison noticed too and they both played around the area for a while and Addison said she was excited! Good sign!

I love this program! It gives the kids some basics on numbers (this month 1,2); Letters (a,d,u); colors (red,green); and shapes (circle). Then there are a couple themes which now is apples and later is dinosaurs for September. This is exactly how I liked to teach first grade with themes while going over and over the basics and adding extra info for the kids who were a little more advanced. Now this program is for children 3 to 5 years old and we won't be 3 for 2 more months. There are some parts that are WAY over their heads and I did cut out a few things that I thought would be too hard and confusing. We did talk about 1, 2, red, green, circles, and the beginning letters of their names. It was very evident just how much Ethan is behind the other 2 kids which I knew but it really stood out today. I told Addison to sit on the "A" mat, Caden to sit on the "C" mat, and Ethan on the "E" mat. Addison and Caden would sit there; of course, they got back up but when reminded they could sit back down and remember where to go. Ethan probably never even heard about his mat because he was throwing a mega fit. He's not good with transitions at all and he kept wanting to go to the playroom so I shut the door and that freaked him out. It was very frustrating and realized today I could not/will not be a preschool teacher in this lifetime (well, just at home with my own kids). We did the pledge, calendar, and weather. Once we got off the floor and sat at the table, Ethan calmed down and participated. We talked about the beginning letters of their names and I helped them trace their first letter. Then we painted with apples. They loved that! We have learned that Ethan has become quite the creative guy and he loves art time at our regular preschool. He painted the longest and was very creative by mixing the paint colors to make his print. He said "Apple" while we were working and later I incorporated apples into our morning snack by making apple smiles with marshmallows, peanut butter, and apples slices. They loved it and Ethan said "good" while eating too( normally he just says "Mmmmmm")! So although it's going to be super hard to get him to do some of the stuff but I think if I try to be consistent with it; it will get better. After all he is the main reason I decided to do this anyway. He will love the creative part and I think he will soak up some of the info about colors, numbers, and letters. I just have to keep up but I sure am glad I ordered from this place -- all the ideas, curriculum, and most of the supplies (like cut outs) are already done for me. I don't have the energy or time to come up with all that right now although if I dug through all my school stuff I have it all somewhere in our basement. So it's going to take some work and LOTS of patience to get this going but I think it's going help and I just hope we can find time in our schedule to work on it everyday.

Our apple prints: Addison's, Caden's, and Ethan's

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