Tuesday, July 28, 2009


So once again I am behind in most things including catching up our life here. Summer is just plain busy or maybe I just have to keep us busy to keep me from going deeper into the insane tunnel. In the last week we went to Fun City with the grandparents and cousins with fun swimming, go carts, and arcades; a hot air balloon race which was so cool; Aaron worked all weekend at a friend's; continued potty training ed for Ethan (God help me!); and now we are in the midst of Vacation Bible School. I agreed to be a crew leader (not of my crew) -- Reese is staying at Grandma's and the older kids are enjoying it a lot and bonus Ethan hasn't gotten kicked out of Bible School like he did last year. Three hours every evening plus driving there and back but they feed us dinner and it goes by fast. Then it was cleaning lady day so after I sent the kids to Grammy's yesterday after I did a little Target shopping I spent ALL my free time picking up and putting things back in the place they belong. Our house seriously got really messy the past 2 weeks. I've tried to pick up a few times but it's all in vain; as soon as one thing gets put away 4 more things are out in it's place. It's a lot of work to get them to help although I need to be more strict on this and by the time they go to bed I'm a zombie. Same old, same old. So this morning we had to be out the door by 8 am not an easy feat with 4 kids and the fact that I went to sleep around 1 am and then I was evidently so excited about the Studio Calico kits I had seen in their reveal last night that I dreamed about them all night -- what a geek I am and it made it very hard to get out of bed. We made it to the Y in time for Pilate's, I have only made it on Tuesdays of my Tues/Thurs class this session. I've discovered something about Pilate's: I hate it! I can't believe how hard it is. There are still things (with stomach muscles) that I can't do, I'm sure it has to do with being pregnant with triplets and another and that fact that I have a hernia and separated stomach muscles . . . but if I take another class . . . it probably won't be Pilate's. Although I'm sure it's been really good for me . . . after every single 30 minute class I am super sore in different places mostly my stomach, I really should have at least a 2 pack or a single or something going on . . . trust me I don't. Hopefully I'll be back with some photos of our latest adventures this week, just wanted to check in.


Chrissi said...

Brooke and Rachel sure have had fun at Bible School this week! They love being your kids' partners!

Candi Ladwig said...

what settings/lenses do you use for your pics? they are always very good!

Anonymous said...

Audrey and Blaine had so much fun at Fun City! They have been telling everyone that they went to fun city with there cousins! I hope the kids had fun at VBS! I hope we will get to see you guys before school starts!


Penny Smith said...

Your getting Studio Calico now too?? YAY!
Mine should get here today!! YAY!

I hav been getting them for over a year, but recently I PROMISED to do a layout RIGHT away with the kit, so I got some use of it. I HAVE to do two now, cuz I got an add-on kit (my first) and two stamps!! I have NEVER gotten anything other than the main kit! WHAT a slurge!
I got the coffee stain stamp and the storytime letters-the numbers were sold out. :(

HEY, where is a link to Keely's (sp?) blog!! I have wanted to visit since I have seen you guys at the crop!