Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Where'd it go?????

In a blink of an eye June is gone! How did that happen? Today I am annoyed that summer is more than a third gone and I feel like we aren't doing anything but running around for appointments and errands. We have hardly done any art projects or learning stuff. I hate going, going, going, we've been lucky if we are home one day a week so far. That's crazy. It's Wednesday and I haven't even cooked one meal since Sunday . . . that's not me. I instituted no TV during the day, which is still working but we aren't home so I doubt they even notice it. I found a couple ideas on some blogs I read that looked like good ideas for summer fun. This morning I was saying to myself, next year we're going to do this or that. Then it hit me why am I waiting until next year, we still have all of July and most of August to do fun stuff at home. Last year we did a few activities/crafts on the 4th of July during the day, this year I haven't even thought about it. So I going to make the effort to plan ahead more and stay at home to do fun stuff. Remember my word for the year? Me neither, I had to look back to remember it's NOW. I feel I'm not focusing on the NOW, I've lost track somewhere between 3 doctor visits this week, the never ending laundry, and spending 85% of my life in the van. I'm missing out, they're missing out, I want fun memories of summer, not riding in the car and me yelling to hurry up so we can get to the next appointment or place we need to be. They are 4 and 1, they want fun, they are fun, and I want them to remember the fun with Mommy! Better get to planning, huh?

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