Thursday, July 23, 2009


Today I am wondering if I Ethan will ever be potty trained???? Yesterday, I had to clean poop off the slide and I stepped in it in the yard (reminder to self: always wear shoes in my own backyard). I've tried it all, REALLY, well except: I'll get you a puppy if you learn to use the potty . . . that's a last resort, I'd have to potty train the puppy too -- ugggghhhh!
The last thing I tried was naked. Everything, and I do mean EVERYTHING, I've read said if you let them be naked they will not "go" on the floor. Well whoever "they" is has never met Ethan. Not only did he pee on the floor a few times, he pooped too. The first time he did it I thought it was just an accident, but he did it again on the hardwood floor right by me (while I was on the computer). He just squatted and went. I guess it's a bonus that he tells me so no one steps in it but it really doesn't phase him, he isn't sorry, he doesn't really care.
He usually tells me when he has wet his pants, sometimes he tells me when he poops. I've tried to be nice and funny and give him rewards of stickers on charts and M&Ms and we've yelled and spanked a couple times too (I know, turn me in, don't worry I'll be paying the therapist bills (for him and me)). I know what the majority of the problem is: STUBBORNNESS. I have never meant a child so stubborn in my life. And I've met some really stubborn children in my ten years of teaching. I can even remember a couple of names (which I won't name) but I think Ethan could give them a run for their money in a Stubborn Contest.
He holds it for a couple hours. When I put him on the potty, it's like a 10 minute thing of getting him to go and normally he does have to go but just doesn't want to. There's crying and screaming and laughing and begging and lots of "NOs" from everyone in the bathroom and here, everyone is usually in the bathroom at once! So if you have any advice, I need it! I want it! I want to hear it all! School will begin in 4-6 weeks, I have to get him mostly potty trained.



I don't have any wonderful wisdom or advice, but Landon did pee and poop on the floor while naked before he was potty trained so I feel your pain! I did make him "clean" it up (I went back after him), but he definitely didn't like cleaning it all up. Good luck!

Sally said...

This is about control. You need to "win". Ethan is in control right now and that isn't good! Take away privledges - what does he value the most? A special toy, playing outside, going to the park - you have to hit him where it makes the most impact (figuratively speaking!). Take a privledge away each day that he doesn't at least TRY to make it to the potty. And be firm about doing it. Completely consistent and firm. Good Luck!! Your children are precious and I love reading your blog.

Penny Smith said...

If it makes you feel any better, Cora pooped in the neighbors yard yesterday. {sigh}

I LOVE that picture of him in the boots! I have SO many like that of Gabriel! I will try to track down my fav. of him for you!

Penny Smith said...

BTW, THANK YOU for that wonderful post on my blog... I really needed that!

Laura said...

We also went with the approach of having the kid clean up their mess. Sooner than later they realize it would be way easier to drop it all in the toilet than have to clean it and put it there anyhow. Just say oh, that is yucky, now you need to clean it up. Go get the towel (have one at kids reach for him) and clean it. I also made mine help me do laundry by getting clothes out of the drier etc. No anger, nothing, just well, then you need to clean it.
I hope you get the results you are looking for!