Sunday, July 12, 2009

Crop Tired

Keely and I made it to the crop on Saturday, we stayed the whole day from 10am to midnight. I brought more than 14 layouts to create. I think I got 5 done (one was two pages). I am slow! But it was fun! We got tons of cool free stuff (it's called Favorite things crop) we got an album, paper, Thickers, stamps, chipboard, make and takes, lots of other stuff too and I won a 4th of July Kit too). We even had time to go to Scrapaganza and shop. We had coupons and Keely had yard sale credit . . . I spend $12 and she spent 98 cents so that made our hubbies happy. Great food was served, and we sat with Marion who we didn't know but she made such cool stuff and gets every fabulous kit out there. Between Keely and Marion, I imagine they own every scrapbooking product (or used to own it before they sell it at yard sales). Keely called Marion her scrapbooking soul mate and it's totally true. Marion left while I was playing a game and I didn't get to say good-bye or get her email address so Penny is trying to hook me up with her. Anyway here's something I made that I really like. It's one of my POTD photos.
And I used Penny's favorite thing . . . that little blue felt owl handmade by the Megan Klauer herself. She was at the crop but I never got the nerve to talk to her. I feel like a blog stalker and I've lifted way too many of her layouts so I just felt weird about it but I loved getting that little owl! It was such a nice time but 4 hours of sleep makes for one grouchy mom so I'm off to bed.


Marion said...

Hi Mindy! I was sorry not to say goodbye to you too. I had such a good time with you guys. We'll have to get together again sometime. My email is: I don't have a blog. I not good about that kind of thing but I'd love to hear from you from time to time.

Cathi said...

Seriously, you get more done in one day than I do in a week and I have no excuses!!!!!!!! Just plain lazy. Erik has his senior pictures tomorrow, I hope I don't cry, can't believe how fast time goes. When he was 5 years old I thought 17 years old was forever away, well I was wrong. Love the pictures of your kids, they could not be any cuter:)

Penny Smith said...

Hey lady!!
LOVE this LO!
Megan is SUPER nice! You should have said "hi"!

She puts up with me-and I am a stalker! LOL!

meganklauer said...

Oh my gosh Mindy! I'm lovin how you used the hooti! I hope you don't mind, but I mentioned it on my blog.
You're so silly, I so wish you would have came up and said hi! I feel so bad now!
I so wanted to walk around and check out everyone pages throughout the day, but figured people would think I was weird. :0)
Thanks again for using it and I'd love to get to meet you next time!

Christine said...

Love your layout!! Megan is time you should go say hi! She linked your blog to hers (said you were using her hootie owl). If I ever get a night off to go crop at Scrapaganza, maybe I'll see you there!!

ckmom78 said...

lovin' the layout & how you used the owl!

Angela said...

Gorgeous layout, Mindy!! Megan is time just say hi!!