Sunday, November 2, 2008

Reesey 11 months

With all the hoopla of Halloween and birthday plans in full swing . . . I never got around to posting about Reese at 11 months which was last Monday. I tried so hard to take her photo that day with the $#^%&%& flower headband I bought several months ago. She would not leave it on for more than 2 seconds which is not enough time to try to get a semi-cute photo. She left a parrot hat on for a few hours -- but a cute headband that I bought -- oh no, she's not having it!

She’s a dancing machine – she’s got lots of moves. A wiggly worm full body twist thing, shimming her shoulders. Bouncing on her knees, clapping, shaking her booty if she’s standing. She’s a music lover!

She’s eating a little bit of table food: bread, some canned/frozen veggies, pancakes, mashed potatoes, yogurt, She loves plain pancakes the best along with bread -- she's into carbs -- aren't we all!
I got out the snack trap cups and she loves using them and knows after her second nap she should have one and will tell me so if I forget!

Some how she knows when she is being left out. The kids needed new Halloween candy buckets so I took them to Target to pick them out. I didn’t get Reese one because I already had gotten her a cute little felt one a while back. She was screaming in the checkout line when the cashier handed them each bucket and she didn’t get one!

She loves to get in bed with Aaron and I at night when we go to bed at 12 or 1. She doesn’t even want to eat; she wants to play and love on us. It’s cute – her hugs are laying her head down on us and patting us and saying aaaaahhhhhhh.

She’s been standing more and more without holding on to stuff. I hope she can at least stand alone by the time I go get her one year old photos – I bought her the cutest dress! Did I mention she hates dresses (crawling and dresses don’t work well together).

She has 5 teeth.

She had another ear infection and pink eye. When they weighed her at the doctor she was 16.2. I thought that it seemed like she hasn’t gained much weight so I looked up her last check up at 9 months she weighed 16.2. She needs to get eating, I guess!
She’s still a great napper and sleeping better at night maybe only getting up 2 times now but I have a hard time remembering in my haze in the middle of the night so it really could be 4 times I just don’t know it. She goes to sleep completely on her own and when she wakes up from nap, she never cries, she plays in bed until I come get her which is very nice that she's not demanding.

She’s very outgoing and very smiley.

She loves the scary stuff – the scarier the better! She loves our carved pumpkins, our skeleton, and notices creepy stuff in stores.

She’s big on being a copy cat with movements and sounds.

She eats a ton of cat food – needs the protein I guess.

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