Monday, November 24, 2008

A reminder and Feeling Good

I decided last night that the kids were staying home today. I certainly didn't want them to spread their germs around to their classmates and teachers although I think Addison and Ethan may be on the road to recovery but Caden threw up this morning. Here's a reminder for all you parents: no matter how much your child cries and begs for strawberry milk when they are sick, do not give in or you'll be like me scrubbing your couch and shoving pillows into your washing machine. At least we don't have carpet.

Even though the kids may not be feeling their best, I must say that maybe this isn't going to be another Bah Humbug Christmas for me. I sat down and started a list for all the people we are buying for. I always write lists but many times I get as far as the names and then am stumped and continue to be stumped for the next 4 weeks and end up shopping last minute and still don't know what to get. However this year is different. I have several "theme" gifts which I like doing and some ideas for homemade stuff and I'm actually excited. I had a chance to get away on Saturday and while I was out and about I saw a couple things that were on my list and they were on sale! So double bonus! I don't have a lot crossed off but some. Once we get Thanksgiving and Reese's party over then I will get serious about the homemade stuff and shop a little each week. I don't do Black Friday and I think I can find just as good deals as it gets closer to Christmas and there are usually good online deals too.

I'm off to disinfect every surface the kids touched and try to get dressed before the dishwasher repair man appears at my door.

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