Thursday, November 6, 2008

Birthday, Appointment, and Conference

Boy, this week has flown by . . . I can't believe it's already Thursday . . . only 1 day until our big Pirate Party. The kids are super excited. I must say this is the most organized we have EVER been for a party. It's a shame too because normally Keely and Jeremy and their kids come stay with us the night before our birthday but this year they are just coming for Saturday. They had some excuse about their dogs but we really know they cannot possibly stand to listen to Aaron and I fight, cuss, and threaten divorce until the wee hours of the morning. But this year I really don't think that will be happening and we may actually go to bed before 2 am. Tonight I am supposed to be working on my slide show . . . actually I plan on creating the whole thing so I'm blogging to avoid that right now. Tomorrow I am sending the kids to Grammy's in the afternoon to prepare ALL the food so tomorrow night Aaron and I can just set up the tables and chairs and decorate. I think we are taking most of the toys and putting them away too to make room for people. 50 people in my house is pushing it and it's supposed to snow tomorrow so I doubt anyone can hang out outside.

Their birthday was great! They had a fabulous day at school. Went to Happy Joes with Grandpa, Grammy, and Papa then home to open presents. Got to bed an hour late and were tired today.

Today we had doctor's appointment for 4 year old well check-ups, flu-shots, and ear rechecks. Everyone is doing well. Addison is in 10% for height and weight. Caden is in 10% for weight and 50% for height, and Ethan who weighs 26 pounds and is 36-1/2 inches tall is in the 5% for both. At least he's on the chart now. Ethan faked cried before and after his flu shot but didn't really cry during the shot. Caden had the worst time -- he's not like me and Ethan in the pain tolerance arena. Reese now has two infected ears. She's been out of sorts this week only getting one nap in a day because we have so much going on, time change, and a runny nose with some coughing . . . she's not so delightful at times.

Parent-teacher conferences were tonight too. I can't believe how well behaved Caden and Addison are at school. Never gotten in trouble. No one even tattles on them? Are these really my children and why can't they act a little more like that at home? Addison wrote her whole name at school without any help -- what? Caden did well on a position word "test" but then Mrs. Duncan said he was using his neighbor for hints -- how do they know to copy? He's a pleaser like his mom. Ethan is doing wonderfully too. He seems to improve so much almost daily. Today the attendance counter was absent, so Ms. Flynn let him do it and she said he counted all 17 people by pointing at them with just a little help. He also came to snack time when called willingly without falling in a pile on the floor. I feel so happy about their progress. Maybe 4 will be the "good" year!

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Laura said...

Happy Birthday to you! Looks like you had so much fun!