Saturday, November 1, 2008

The Countdown Begins

Halloween out of the way . . . make way for birthday stuff! The party is in a week but I really don't feel as stressed as normal. I think it's a combo of having my house cleaned on Wednesday so I'm not too about that part as I usually am scrambling BIG TIME to get that done, the party is after their actual birthday so that makes a little more time for us, and that we have gotten a lot of stuff already done. Really all I have to do is buy and make the food, make the cake, and do a little decorating and oh yeah . . . I always make a slide show to play at the party . . . haven't started that yet and that's a big time sucker as it ends up being 20 minutes long cause I'm an overachiever but I really feel like I have a handle on it all for once. I have even started to think about Reese's party a little and may make her invites this weekend. But then again maybe I'm in denial about the whole thing and really have no clue what and how much I REALLY need to do. It'll come together in the end as it always does . . .but it would be nice if their wasn't a ton of stress, yelling, and divorce threats (you all know you do the exact same thing before a big event, admit it!)

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Chrissi said...

What good pictures!! The kids were excited to get to see your kids, thanks again for letting us visit right before bed! Hope they went to bed okay.