Sunday, November 23, 2008

Poop Central

That's right, we have some stomach bug floating around here. Fun, Fun, Fun! Addison calls it explosions so ya know it ain't good! She was sick yesterday and I thought was better today now her tummy hurts. Ethan calls "mommy, daddy" about 3 am last night and I'm thinking, he wants to get up. He sometimes wakes up in the middle of night, ready to get up and go. But I opened the door to their room and the smell smacked me awake. He said in his Polish accent, "mommy, I spilled". He threw up. I went to wake up Aaron and told him and he said "oh,no" and went back to sleep but I'm not doing that alone so I made him help. He changed and bathed him and I did the bed. You'll remember that Ethan sleeps with no less than 89 stuffed animals. But luckily most of them were at the other end of the bed and he localized his sickness. As soon as Aaron got him bathed and changed into new jammies, he threw up again. So more new jammies. He went to bed fine not even complaining about not having all those animals in his bed. Caden woke up at 5 am with "explosions" too. At least Addison and Caden are potty trained and have made it to the potty. I can't believe how many times we've changed Ethan today . . . we should get a prize . . . a good prize . . . not sickness. I have washed my hands so much today that they feel like sandpaper. Let's just hope we're over this in a day or so and healthy for Thanksgiving and Reese's birthday. I remember 2 years ago (I think) when we went to Keely's house for Thanksgiving and my kids were throwing up at the dinner table, now that's a Thanksgiving to remember!

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Chrissi said...

The look on Reese's face says it all! Too cute. Sorry they are not feeling well. Hopefully it's a short term deal! Get well!