Friday, November 21, 2008

Birthday Wishes and Back on the Patch

Been busy around here this week . . . so busy that I didn't even post about Aaron's Birthday on Wednesday. The kids were excited about his birthday and I never have any idea what to get him because he asks for impossible things like a fuss ball table (where are we putting that?), snow blower (sure.), or a new PlayStation that was like $600. So I just picked up some small stuff turns out I had 5 gifts so the kids each picked out one thing to give him and the wrapping paper to wrap it in. Caden even had the idea we should hide when he came home and yell "surprise" which we did. They wanted to know what kind of party he was having. They were a little disappointed when they found out they were going to Grammy's and we were going out to eat. We went to the Packing House for Aaron's free birthday dinner. It was good and nice just to eat by ourselves. Happy {late} Birthday, Aaron!

Ethan and Addison had eye doctor appointments yesterday. They are seeing the Pediatric eye doctor about every 4 months and yesterday was their yearly dilation. We were there for 2-1/2 hours. I hate appointments that never seem to end! Anyway we didn't get the best news. Addison eye and head turning is getting a little worse so she may have to have another eye muscle surgery to correct that. She goes back in about 4 months to see her progress. Now that Ethan is older, he is able to help with the eye exam and give them information on what he can an can't see. So yesterday it was determined that his eyes aren't of equal strength which is very important. If you have one eye that is stronger, it will keep getting stronger and eventually the other eye will not be give much or any benefit at all. So the doctor said the dreaded "P" word: patching. We've been through patching before. So long ago that I can't even remember when but I think we patched for more than a year before he was 2 years old. He fought us on it all the way. 4 hours (of awake time) a day. We managed to get 30 minutes in yesterday. You can see the battle we're up for! More on this to follow.

This is the first day this week we didn't have to be gone! YaHOO! I'm off to put dinner in the crock pot, do laundry until I run out of soap, and make a couple fun things for Reese's party! Have a great day!

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