Tuesday, November 18, 2008

A Little {too} Tickled Pink

Pink, pink, pink, add a little brown, and then some more pink! I'm all in pink mode here for Reese's birthday. She's having a very, very, very, small cupcake party! I thought I would be so burnt out from the Pirate Bash we just had two week ago but I'm loving the pink cupcake stuff so much and don't feel stressed or worried things won't get done.

It's going to be simple but I found some really great ideas and have spent virtually no money on most of the things I made so far. I made her a felt crown, a cupcake onsie, and a pink tutu. We're headed to get her photo taken in all of those today. I found all the ideas on the internet. Sure, everything was available to buy but we can't afford a $38 felt crown that she may or may not wear. The crown I made was about 40 cents but still cute!

I have found some other great ideas that I hopefully have a chance to work on them this week. I hope she's cooperative for photos today and will stand so she can show off her cute brown polka dotted dress and her pink tutu!


Laura said...

Those look great!

Chrissi said...

And Happy Birthday to Daddy Aaron...yesterday I think!