Wednesday, April 16, 2008


Okay, I'm behind again! My houseguests left yesterday. Jackson and Jeffrey were here for one week and they were so good! I wish I could say the same about my kids. Poor Jackson got some wounds from us. My kids are rough and mean sometimes and Jackson really doesn't have to fight anyone for anything (although Jeffrey will soon be bugging him) so he's not used to this. Keely and Jeremy were here part of the time (Keely came late Sat night and Jeremy came Mon night). It's too funny because Keely said they didn't even get all the way home and Jackson asked if he could go to our house again. Caden asked if we could go to Jackson's today too! Keely and I think we should build a "compound" for us all to live in and I agree but it needs to be bigger than the 1700 sq ft we are living in now!
Today I am trying to clean and regroup. It is impossible to get things picked up, keep up with laundry, or pretty much do anything with 6 kids here. So I am pretty far behind and we have hardly any food in our house and I have no desire to go grocery shopping!

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