Wednesday, April 16, 2008


I've been tagged with 6 random things . . . thanks Penny!

#1 I can't keep up with my messy house anymore! Seriously it's bad -- I think it's a mixture of too much stuff, too many people, not enough space, and the age of the kids! I either need a maid or arrange some time for the kids to "leave" for a few hours a week so I can get some major cleaning accomplished.

#2 I will not eat anything that lives in the water full or part-time.

#3 I sent my 3 3-years outside today without me for the first time! We have a fenced in backyard and I checked on them every 5 minutes or so. They lasted a little more than an hour and there were not any fights at all. Addison even pushed Ethan in the swing for about 20 minutes. Gave me a little time to clean!

#4 I am hopelessly addicted to TV namely reality shows. I love Jon and Kate Plus 8, American Idol, Project Runway, LA Ink, Miami Ink, Celebrity Fit Club, Dr. 90210, etc. I hate to admit this but I even watched Scott Baio is 46 and Pregnant and Bret Michaels' Rock of Love (I and II) -- these shows are so stupid and pointless and I'm appalled and a lot of the stuff on them but I watch them anyway. I hate that reality shows' seasons are so short so when they end I have to find a "new show". Sad.

#5 My scrapbook stuff is in explosion mode right now (right Keely and Jeremy?). After my last project I didn't pick up and then more stuff was added (by me and Keely) and now I have a desk and a bench covered with stacks and piles of stuff! ugghhhh . . .

#6 I am still in my PJs at 3 pm today. My neighbors probably think I'm crazy since I let the three 3 year olds outside alone and I came out a few times in my snowman pajamas with my hair uncombed and wearing tennis shoes! Don't you want to be my neighbor?

I tag Keely, Chrissi, Cathi (now you have to start a blog), Laura, and Tiffany . . . six random things, girls!


Cathi said...

You are so funny. I would have absolutely nothing to blog. My life with a 19, soon to be 16 and a 9 year old is pretty boring. Well, not boring just nothing anyone would want to hear about. How could I ever blog, all my free time is consumed by reading blogs. I think I have a problem. Remember, I told you I enjoy cleaning friends homes just not my own:) Chrissi and I make a mean cleaning team. Seriously:) We could come and clean yours and then she could help me with mine (you know she owes me) haha

Chrissi said...

I tagged on my blog. I was just kidding when I called you my "former" friend. I'm not very good at these types of things!