Tuesday, April 29, 2008


1. I whispered in Caden's ear today "I love you" and he whispered back "I love superheroes!" Cute but not what I was expecting to hear back -- guess I am one rung lower than Ironman and The Hulk.

2. I am on day 2 of potty training Ethan. So far all I have to show for it is a bunch of wet underwear and time spent sitting in the bathroom with him as we both say "Come on, pee pee" no results so far . . . this might do me in on potty training and Reese will have to either: (a) train herself or (b) have a professional potty trainer come in -- if there is such a thing.

3. Today we went to get much needed haircuts for the kids. We go to Carl Sandburg Cosmetology School because it's only $5 and they can cut all 3 kids hair at the same time. I was in a bit of a shock when we went to walk in and the sidewalk on a busy street was blocked by some big tall crane sort of machine. I mean the whole side walk and the parking spaces in the street too. I had to walk all of them into the street right in the lane of oncoming traffic we made it but it was one of those panicky moments. I was also carrying Reese's carseat and the diaper bag too. Luckily the all the girls who cut the kids hair offered to walk us out to the van. I should have kidnapped them to be my nannies! At least Caden no longer looks like Jim Carey in "Dumb & Dumber".

4. The guy on Blue's Clues needs smaller pants -- they are giant on him.

5. What's with President Bush giving a press conference today and acting like he's a comedian. I don't normally watch those things but "The View" was coming on so I left it on and he was cracking jokes and ribbing the reporters right and left. Maybe he needs a new gig? Maybe the press conferences are always like that since I don't normally watch them. I'm sure some of it will be on The Soup on Friday!

6. I started keeping a potty chair in the van. Wow! this is one of the best things I have ever done. It sure beats lugging 4 kids into a public restroom where they are touching everything -- yuck, yuck, yuckity, yuck!

7. As requested by Keely I typed my "5 list" on my blog and then made a new entry about Reese turning 5 months and then the "5 list" was gone! I am such a computer genius and it's no where to be found! Loving it! Don't know if I am redoing it or not -- if I do it will probably have different answers than yesterday. . . because I change my mind a lot and I don't remember anything.
8. As we drove past Wal-mart today to get our haircuts, Caden whispers to me "that's where I get my guys" (superheroes for pooping in the potty). On Sunday when we were there he really wanted some Ironman ones and he kept saying in Wal-mart "I poop for Ironman".

9. Did you know it is National Scrapbook Day this Saturday? Keely and I are going to a crop at Creek Bank Creations near her home. Aaron about fell over dead when I said there was a holiday for scrapbooking -- it is kind of funny!

10. Ethan and Reese napped today -- Addison and Caden did not. The haircuts threw a wrench into our schedule. Finally after Addison and Caden goofed around for over 2 hours in their room I let them come downstairs. Addison asks me if I am going
to say "sorry to them" I ask her why and she has no answer. Then she says "just kidding" I guess I should be sorry they didn't take a nap and believe me later tonight I will be!

11. Ethan calls bananas "monkeys" he really wanted a "monkey" today so we had "monkeys" with our lunch.

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