Thursday, April 10, 2008

So Far . . . So Good

Aunt Keely made a cake that says "Be Good". It must be working!

Everything is going quite smoothly so far. Now it's only my first day alone with 6 kids, 3 and under but I don't feel insane or anything. Everyone has been fed breakfast, snacks, and lunch . . . except me and everyone got dressed . . . except me (still in jammies at 2:30 pm), everybody is up in bed (not everyone is asleep though) . . . except me, and the plan is everyone will get a bath later tonight . . . I'm going to make sure I get a shower for sure tonight because there is NO TIME during the day to do that. Jeffrey gives his mom fits all the time but I think he's being extra good for his Aunt. He slept all through the night and his daddy said that hasn't happened in over a month. He hasn't cried much at all and went down for naps easily and slept 2 hours this morning which is a little longer than usual. He is pretty much just doing the opposite of whatever his mom told me . . . she said at lunch to give him juice but he probably won't drink it and I had to take it away from him because he wouldn't stop! Kids, go figure! Only problems I am having is with Caden who is picking fights with Jackson and Addison . . . Alpha male thing I think. And poor Jeffie he tries to play with the "baby toys" and every time he gets something in his hand a 3 year old is telling him "No, it's Reese's" and then the 3 year old proceeds to play with it. I think that's all I need to own is "baby toys" and everybody would be happy. Reese and Jeffrey seem to be on opposite schedules when Jeffie sleeps, Reese is awake and when Reese sleeps, Jeffie is awake which is just fine with me . . . I didn't plan to get anything done when they were here anyway.

Here's little Jeffie hanging out!

Jackson is too funny and very clever. He made a cast out of lego tunnel pieces. He sure to invent something great someday or be an engineer!

Caden got the last sticker on his "poop chart" today! Took a loooooooooong time to get those 8 stickers. Now he gets a prize -- he's already having a hard time deciding between some Spiderman Guys and a Spiderman handheld Video game (says it's for age 10+ on the package) -- I'm pushing for the guys! He's so proud of himself!

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