Thursday, April 3, 2008

My Little Man: Caden

1. He's a superhero ADDICT: Spiderman, Superman, Batman, and especially THE HULK are big with him.

2. He is still working on potty training. He's got the potty part down --it's the pooping that he seems to pick and choose when he's going to use the potty. Right now his incentive is if he poops on the potty 8 times he gets some Spiderman Guys from Walmart that he REALLY wants. He needs 3 more stickers and has been working on this for a week and half.

3. He says "tool" for cool and "teetees" for cookies. He favorite phrase is "alright".

4. He is all boy! Loves to play rough and wrestle. He is all energy. He does like to play with Addison's dollhouse though (when she lets him).
5. He loves Reese so much. He is super sweet with her. He always asks me "like me, Mama?" I think he is referring that I have said to a lot of people that she looks like Caden when he was a baby.

6. He has some ESP thing going on with me. I swear it doesn't matter what time I get up in the morning he always gets up about 15 minutes ahead of me whether it be 5 or 8. I can't catch a break to shower and dress without children wanting 100 different things. He can't seem to understand that I can't put in a DVD while I'm in the shower.
7. He is the first to crawl into our bed in the morning.

8. If he gets hurt, he must have me kiss his "owie" and it's all better.

9. He loves bandaids, goldfish crackers, TV, football, monster truck shows, Mr. Monkers (his little stuffed monkey that he sleeps with, and Donalds (McDonalds) and tells me to order chickens, french fries, lemon (lemonade), and ketchup.

10. He is constantly changing his clothes especially his underwear. He changes them because he likes the different characters on them. By the time Daddy comes home, he is usually only wearing underwear (on backwards) and nothing else. He's on his third pair today and it's only 9am.

11. He is so much taller than Addison and Ethan that most people think he's the oldest and the other two are twins. People are super surprised when I say he is the youngest of the triplets, born one minute later than the other two. I guess bigger means you were born first even if it's just one minute more.

12. He gets shy when there's a new people. It takes a little while to warm up to people.

13. Lately he has begun to tell me "I don't feel good" which is his favorite justification to anything like why he didn't want sprinkles on a cupcake but he still wanted the cupcake.

14. He is the King of Stalling when it comes time to sleep. He needs new clothes, he wants a drink, his button is undone, he has an owie, he wants to wear his slippers, he wants a kiss, he forgot a toy, his book is ripped, and about a million other things I can't remember!

15. He loves to go "bye-bye" and in stores. He is good about staying with us when we are out. He can spot anything Spiderman a mile away -- he must have Spidey-sense.

16. He calls me "Mama".

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Chrissi said...

Look at those blue eyes! Glad the whole toilet thing worked out for ya. Hey, I don't see any plumbers' cracks in your picture!! Your plumber must be a little thinner than the ones I know!! have a great weekend. Maybe the kids can get out and enjoy the good weather.