Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Technology Challenged

I'm still alive! First my cell phone was killed in a drowning accident (yeah it's finished for sure) and then after we were gone all weekend for my nephews' birthday party my computer would not turn on. Our power went out for like 3 seconds Friday night and I was on the computer but never bothered to turn it back on. The power switch got zapped. I had no idea what was wrong with it but was a little freaked out because ALL my photos on it and I've said it about a million times I need to back up my photos somewhere but never do! So that was only $64 to fix but I said all I need is the TV to go and I would be living in the 1800's.
So I need to get back on the "blog horse" but that may be a little hard as both my nephews, Jackson (3) and Jeffrey (1) are staying with us until Sunday. Their dad brought them today and he is staying until tomorrow morning and then I'm on my own so pray for me! I'm sure it will be fine but I was really counting on being outside a lot and now it's supposed to rain and snow the next 2 days so I guess that's out! I'll try to keep you updated!

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Chrissi said...

We wondered where you've been!!! Good luck with all of the kids this week. They will all have so much fun!