Thursday, April 17, 2008

There you are, Spring!

Finally some really nice weather . . . the kids have been out a lot two days in a row. Now it's supposed to get a little bit cooler and maybe rainy but what a relief to get them outside. They have been napping much better for 3+ hours and last night no one wandered in our room in the wee hours (so nice to wake up on your own rather than from 3 year old foot, knee, or elbow wedged in your back). Today we played in the yard and then Grandpa came over and we went to the park for a little while too. Reese didn't like it so much, I need to dig out a sun hat for her but she does like to be outside just not so much sun please! Caden tried to tell me it was "cold" outside because he wanted to go inside -- it didn't work, he stayed out! Yesterday they kept telling me that they saw some spiders on the house when they were digging in the dirt. I just said don't touch spiders, they can bite. When Aaron came home and took them out they told him the same thing but he looked at what they were talking about and it was LOTS of ants . . . I guess they were digging up anthills and Aaron was afraid they would have a million bites since they were tiny ants but I haven't seen any bites yet but I'm sure it will happen. I'm just hoping for many, many more nice days like this --- I've been waiting for months for this to happen!

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