Friday, October 16, 2009

We interrupt my Creativity

for another scraplift.
Yesterday I didn't get started on my LOAD layout until 9pm. I was tired. I had no ideas and what photos I would use. So I was searching through saved layouts and I found one by Jennifer Johner. So the easy thing to do was lift it and since my creative process involves making a creative mess, it was a given to do something quick.
I can tell when I need to clean my scrap desk: it's when I start sitting on the floor to scrap. It appears at this point that my desk has now thrown up onto the floor too.
Last night after working on the floor for a while and covering it, I moved to the bed. Which means I have to clean up today, no matter what.

Anyway, I love Jennifer Johner and her style of scrapbooking. I know exactly why too. She sews on everything even across titles and chipboard and just anywhere and everywhere on paper. And not in a nice neat way but a messy/shabby sort of way: I'm all about that. I love sewing on my pages. During this LOAD, most of my layouts have some stitching on them. The other reason I love her is she uses scraps of paper. I have a hard time letting go of scraps, even really little ones. My sister makes fun of me for this. At the last crop, I brought my box of scraps, organized by color, thank you.
I use them constantly. I can't bare to cut into a new big sheet of paper for a little piece. I always look through my scraps first to see if I can make something work. Jennifer's photos are pretty amazing too. I love her perspective and how many of her photos are taken from futher away. I tend to be right on top of my subjects when I photograph. I think I need to try to vary this a bit more.

So I'm off to clean and try to be a little more original in my scrapbooking today. I hope the creative juices flow with me and you too!


Penny Smith said...

Awesome alyout-AGAIN!

We DID go tot Tanner's-the rain and mud pictures were from Tanner's!
We got about one dry hour in. :)

DId you get to the garage sale?

Keely said...

You are good at working with scraps - virtually making something great out of nothing. I am not. You also have a thing about using something till it's completely gone. I admire that about you because when I'm done with something, it's gone! Would you like me to save my scraps for you??? Just think you'd never have to buy paper again!!

I have been sewing on some "projects" and have realized I need to make a space for my sewing machine to stay out so I use it more often.

Kyla said...

Holy CREATIVITY Batman! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your layout! How did I miss it on LOAD?! (Must be my burning retinas and lack of sleep.)

Thank you SO, SO much for posting your "scraps" system. AWESOME idea. I've now got a million ideas bouncing around in my head . . . so EXCITING!