Friday, October 30, 2009

Wardrobe Malfunction

I felt like we were really ahead of the game on Halloween this year. All of our costumes we purchased. Normally I would rather make our costumes but my mom bought the older kids Superhero costumes for their birthday last year and I figured that would be a great family theme for Halloween. We had everything ready a couple weeks ago except a pair of pants for Aaron which I picked up yesterday at Goodwill. The kids' preschool party was today and since they only had a half day of school today they were to wear their costumes to school. Parents were welcome and encouraged to wear a costume too. So last night we gathered everything to make sure we would be ready and I pulled my Superwoman costume out the closet. I bought it last year after Halloween half price. I thought I tried it on apparently not. When I looked at the shirt I thought that's really short. And it was like crop top, a tad bit longer than bra length short. I looked at the photo on the package. The model had her stomach covered and she is by no means a skinny mini, kind of chunky, not that I can talk about that sort of thing. I checked the size .... medium. I thought is this a girls' medium? It said Women's. I've gained about 15 pounds since last year thanks to no breastfeeding but I certainly haven't gotten taller which is the main problem. I tried everything pull the shirt down to meet the skirt ... more cleavage than I ever care to show ... I pulled the skirt up higher then other things were showing. It came with a belt but only a couple inches wide I needed to cover about 6 inches of belly. So the belt only made a stripe across my tummy. Aaron said it looked fine ... it did not. He said I should wear a white shirt under it ... reminded me of a beer belly ... I don't even drink beer. So today the hauled the kids' to JoAnne Fabrics and bought 1/2 yard of matching blue fabric for $1 and added to the bottom so I can be modestly covered ... as Superwoman should. Now there's also a boot cover issue I think I'm going to spray paint some boots tomorrow. Kind of feel like I made part of my costume ...
and we have next year's theme all picked out and are going back to making them.

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Candi Ladwig said...

your girls look "super"! Can't wait to see the whole family!