Thursday, June 4, 2009

GIST sore!

I'm not doing too bad on Get in Shape Today. I didn't walk/run on Monday: it was raining, bad excuse. Tuesday I went to Pilate's class. Pilate's is hard, hard, hard. There are a couple younger people in the class and several grandmas . . . young grandmas and older grandmas (ones that could possibly be my grandma? . . . maybe not). I couldn't do this one move where you hold a ball at shoulder level while laying on your back and then move the ball in a diagonal position while you sit up. No way I could do that, I could barely sit up any. I thought I didn't have any stomach muscles but evidently I do because my stomach is so sore . . . along with every other muscle in my body. Many of the grandmas didn't have any trouble doing that . . . impressive.

I walked/ran on Wednesday and today. It's hard to get up and I'm not getting outside at 6 more like 6:15 but manage to get back home in about 20 minutes and shower. I'm not making it to Pilate's today because we have an appointment in the afternoon and I am not driving to the same town 2 times in one day. Tomorrow and Saturday I'm taking off because I'm getting ready to head to Keely's for a yard sale and spending the night. Sunday I should be home and plan on getting back on track.

We're home for the morning . . . I'm thinking pumpkin pancakes, an art project, pricing yard sale stuff, folding three baskets of laundry, and figure out what we are eating for lunch and dinner. Although I would really love to scrapbook . . . it's been 4 days since LOAD and still haven't found any time to squeeze that in!

Hope you have a great day!

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