Tuesday, June 2, 2009

2 Days of Summer = Bone Tired Mommy

Good Golly, summer may be the death of me! Monday we did the following:

  • doctor appoint for Addison and Reese
  • ran a couple errands to return something and drop off clothes to Good Will
  • went to the Dollar Store for batteries where I chased after Ethan no fewer than 3 times and seriously lost him once almost to panic mode
  • play at a park
  • got lunch, ate outside in the backyard
  • baby took a nap, older kids had quiet time while I cleaned for the cleaning lady and did laundry
  • played an opposite card game
  • got ready for swimming lessons
  • swimming lessons which one kid was super excited for (Addison), one kid didn't want to go (Caden), and one kid had no clue about it (Ethan)
  • dropped off Reese at Y's daycare and watched swimming lessons
  • dressed 3 wet kids after swimming lessons by myself because my husband conveniently disappeared when it was done, which was proceeded by a classic Jon & Kate moment in the hallway at the Y
  • picked up dinner in drive-through
  • more cleaning for the cleaning lady!


  • I got up at 6am, showered, dressed, prepared "breakfast to go" in the car, cleaned more for the cleaning lady
  • Got kids up and dressed left house at 8am to go to Y
  • Pilate's at 8:30, Pilate's is hard, I can't even do some of the exercises
  • Walked 2 miles on the treadmill
  • Went to the library, checked out books and signed up for the summer reading program
  • Ate lunch at home
  • Colored upstairs together
    while Ethan read an entire Wiggles book to himself (out loud)
  • Reese napped, quiet time for older kids while watching a movie, I blog surfed and tried to price yard sale stuff
  • Passed out one million snacks -- I am going to have to stock up on food for these kids, they are so hungry!
  • played outside on trikes, scooters, and "bounced" as Ethan calls it
  • made towers with blocks
  • walked/rode tricks to post office
  • fixed dinner and made brownies for desert

Aaron did baths and now I think I may collapse in bed, too tired to do anything else. Wow! They need to be busy! I am not letting them watch much TV, some in early morning before 9 am but most days we have left the house way before that. They get one movie during quiet time, we're taking turns on who picks, then about 3:30/4:00 I let the TV come back on. Otherwise they would watch TV all day long. This week we aren't in our regular schedule -- that will be next week. Tomorrow they are going to Grammy's for most of the day so I have the morning to myself -- need to do a million and one things that I haven't done this week yet including get things priced for Keely's yard sale this Saturday. In the afternoon I have conferences with the kids' preschool teachers.

I am exhausted, so now I'm off to bed! Please tell me I'll get used to this!


Penny Smith said...

Sorry... commented while logged in to Scrapaganza! Ooops! :)

LOVE your layouts! I have been SO in a rut! These are helping!! :)

Anonymous said...

Are the kids loving swimming lessons? Blaine started on Monday and loves it! Hopefully we will see you soon!