Thursday, June 18, 2009

Breaking up with Wally

I'm breaking up with my boyfriend! Yeah, I have a boyfriend, my internet boyfriend! I'm sick of him not living up to his end of the bargains and he's cheap. Sometimes cheap is good but in this case it's not. I've even going to out him on my blog because I don't want any one else falling for him like I did. His name is Walgreens. Aaron always teases me that I spend so much time on the computer that I must have an interenet boyfriend, I spend much of my computer time uploading and ordering photos so I told him that his name is Wally Greens. I am so annoyed by their photo processing lately. First their color is so off the wall, I've had photos printed by them then ordered from another place and the color is completely different. Then it seems whenever I order photos and go into pick them up, their processing machines are down and someone is on the way to fix them and they don't know when my order will be ready. Many times I make a trip to town just for photos, so annoying. This has happened the last two times I needed photos. Last time I ended up ordering them from another Walgreens and Aaron picked them up on his way home. Now the first store keeps calling me to pick up the photo order, I'm not doing it. Last night I ordered photos for some Father's Day projects. Heck, I even thought this is way ahead of the game (for me) since I still have 3 days to get some things made. I placed the order at 10pm last night and they should have been ready at 8am this morning. We did have a big thunderstorm last night and I didn't get an email saying my order was ready so I called just in case. No the machines aren't working which I could totally understand if it was because of the storm but the clerk on the phone said it had nothing to do with last night's storm. Okay, so who knows when I can pick up my photos, they said they would call me but I'm not holding my breath. I'm so done with Wally! I think I'll hook up with Shutterfly instead!

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Laura said...

I have used and was pretty happy with them. Also, have you ever checked out the site Neat ideas for scrapping and other fun stuff you may enjoy. Glad to see your crew is feeling better!