Monday, March 2, 2009

What a week

1. I went to a meeting last Monday night, we went out for my birthday on Tuesday night, Aaron had meetings on Wednesday and Thursday nights, Friday night he had to go have his truck looked out (more problems) and look at someone's plumbing so he got home late again, Saturday he had to help my dad return a refrigerator and pick up a new one, Sunday I had to get groceries then Aaron had to finishing the plumbing job and help our neighbor. Geesh what a week! I'm so ready for us to have some family together time at night this week -- I'm not really good at the single mom thing!

2. The kids had the day off today so we went to the Y. I'm ashamed to admit we haven't made it to work out since December. Things just get crazy and the kids were sick for so long too. Boy is it hard to go back that first day. I only walked on the treadmill and used that bike standing thing for 55 minutes and it felt like I was there for hours. I like watching The View while I walk on the treadmill (you can tune your radio to hear the TVs) and I think I laugh out loud sometimes.

3. I have all the squares cut and quilted for Reese's quilt. I made myself stay up until midnight working on that, doing laundry, watching TV. I just have it sew together --tonight, I hope.

4. Celebrity Apprentice was really good -- I such a geek for saying that too! I kind of let Tom Green slip out of my mind but he's really funny and odd too.
5. We did our picnic for my Creativity Project last night check it out on my 365 blog if I ever get my photos to download.

6. We took the kids to Bounce Town on Saturday. While they had a blast, that will probably be our only trip there. It was so loud and places like that are fun but they are super hard to keep track of your children if you don't have one on one supervision. There were too many BIG kids in my opinion who were much too old and too wild to be playing amongst the younger ones. Once I could hear Aaron yelling throughout the whole place I knew it would be time for us to leave soon.
7. I got the new Gary Allan CD on Saturday and it is so good!

8. There was a time yesterday when I seriously wondered how I was going to make it through the summer with all these kids being home all day with me. When Aaron finally came home I told him "I quit!" but he said it isn't allowed. It will be better when they can get outside -- right?

9. My computer is bursting at the seems. I get a message every 5 seconds that it has NO MORE ROOM at all for anything. I am trying to delete stuff but every time I do it makes no difference and I end up deleting stuff I use and don't know it and then it won't work right. Gotta love technology especially when you don't know what you are doing!

10. Now I'm off to paint with the kids for today's creativity time.

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