Wednesday, March 18, 2009

All Pooped Out!

Dear Ethan,
I am at a breaking point (and I don't feel I get to breaking points easily) with you and potty training . . . seriously you are almost 4 and a half years old, it's time actually way past time and then some. I started potty training you and your brother and sister when you were about 2 and half years old . . . almost 2 years ago. Your sister, being a girl and all, pretty much did it herself. Your brother, on the other hand, was a slower go and took about 9 months to be officially potty trained. I didn't push you, I didn't want to traumatize you for life as all the propaganda says. We're gently nudging and encouraging, but I'm losing stamina.

You're so very stubborn . . . you don't seem to care about incentives. Your siblings were thrilled with charts and stickers and promises of "guys" for pooping on the potty. Even with bribes of special fun things like extra visits to Grammy & Papa's house . . . you have the so what? attitude. Maybe if I got the real live Wiggles to come here in person and live at our house you'd do it . . . doubtful. I'm even thinking would a puppy help? No, that's something else I'd have to potty train, I need to regroup.

The comment that I always jokingly say: He'll have to find a wife who will change his pull-ups . . . isn't so funny anymore and I'm beginning to think seriously what are you going to do? What am I going to do? I still have to potty train Reesey after you . . . maybe I'm just tired after all Daddy and I changed approximately 6,000 diapers your first year and probably close to 14,000 to date all in the short period of 4-1/2 years so I am just all pooped (and peed) out! So will you please at least pretend your interested in going instead of ignoring me when I tell you it's time to go try and when you want me to sit on the tub by you for what seems like endless hours could you at least put some effort into the whole experience instead of just wanting to get down only to wait 5 minutes after I put a new pull-up on you then you say "I stinky, I poot." I really want you to be a big boy and I know you do too.
Please, please, please, maybe there's a puppy waiting for you on the big boy side . . . puppies have got to be easier to train than their 4-1/2 year old owners.

Love, Your tired mom

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Candi Ladwig said...

You make me laugh :)