Thursday, March 19, 2009

Running from Stress

I don't know what it is but lately I've just been feeling so stressed out and down. I swear days go by super fast and I feel like I get nothing accomplished. I am trying my best to blame it all on Mr. Winter who is slowing packing his bags here in the Midwest. Maybe I'm some freaky person who needs X amount of sunlight each day because I feel a lot better when it's sunny than cloudy -- that sounds so dumb. Yesterday was another one of those days, maybe it was the fact that I knew Aaron had a meeting and told me he would probably be home about 10pm. Right there is enough to put me over the edge. It didn't helped that I was running everywhere all day long -- I went to school 4 times yesterday, good thing we only live 2 blocks away. So I made the plan that we would go to the YMCA that night -- the babysitting room opens at 5:00 so we had to wait until then. I walked on the treadmill for 35 minutes I think I got in a little more than 2 miles. Having my MP3 player is about the best thing ever! People are probably thinking I'm about ready to fall or have some sort of weird stride because I'm practically dancing on the treadmill. I sure hope I'm not singing out loud too! I worked out pretty hard and then decided I would run. Remember I'm not a runner but I'm doing a 5K this year sometime. I ran for a little more than a whole "lap" which is only a quarter of a mile. I know that's a sprint to most people to me it could be a marathon but with Kenny Chesney blaring in my ears it wasn't so bad. Not too sore today. After I ran which was about 4 minutes, I took my heart rate on the treadmill. Oops only about 20 beats above the really hard workout rate for my age so it was a good time to quit before they call an ambulance. I really need to get into shape but wow I felt energized and ready to go. We came home and I made supper put the kids to bed by myself started cleaning up the house and scrapbooked for a while. I think I'm adding the Y at night more often. It's hard to wait for Aaron since he gets home at 6:00 so I think I'm taking them at least once or twice a week for the time being. Especially after these days that I feel so stressed out I doubt I can run away from my stress but maybe I can get ahead of it for just a little bit!

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Keely said...

Running with your MP3 player is the best. I don't know how you did it this long without. It's a necessity for me!

Working out really does lift your spirits if you can find the time. You should really try to go a few times a week even if that means leaving everyone at home and going by yourself.

You're still doing the marathon thing this year? I thought you'd given up on that. I don't know if I will be able. I really have to get back to the Y myself!