Monday, March 16, 2009

One of those days

Yesterday was just one of those days where everything (most everything) was relaxed (as relaxed as it can be with 4 small kids) and fun.

We started the day off with bacon and pumpkin pancakes that three out of four kids ate. My theory of keep on serving something over and over and over again and eventually they will eat it is panning out. It also helps that Addison and Reese (because she can't be left out) will eat about anything with whipped cream on it too. Caden likes his pancakes plain: no butter, no syrup; in my opinion what's the point of eating pancakes then?

Reese took a short nap and we played outside scooters and sidewalk chalk.

Daddy came home from helping our neighbor and he took the older kids to the park for a while.

We decided to go out for a little lunch. I wanted Steak and Shake for a change of pace unfortunately so did everyone else and it was a wait so McDonalds again which made all the kids and Daddy happy.

We had birthday gifts to buy at Walmart and the kids had some money from Valentines Day so they each got to buy something. Ethan couldn't decide on his purchase and he had about 6 things in the cart at once, mix that with being tired and we had several rough moments but that's normal.

We came home, the kids played outside a little more, and we had a clean out the fridge supper. Before long it was bedtime and they were all asleep by 8:30 which is very unusual especially for Ethan since he's in his big boy toddler bed, he can spend a few hours causing mischief every night. I won't mention that he woke up talking loudly at 3 am and wouldn't go back to sleep so he came into our bed and I was so tired I'm not sure if he ever went back to sleep but judging by his behavior at school today I say no he didn't but I'm not mentioning that.

It was just one of those relaxing, nothing pressing, fun days . . . we don't get them very often but we need them.

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Chrissi said...

The great thing about nice weather is that it wears them out! Even at 10 and 8 (almost, he's 7 for 2 more days!). I LOVE nice weather!