Wednesday, March 11, 2009


In the short period of 59 minutes I:
  • got dressed

  • made my bed

  • woke up 2 kids

  • found clothes for 4 kids

  • dressed 2 kids (the other 2 dressed themselves)

  • made 3 waffles (toaster), 3 mini pancakes, cut up one banana

  • poured one sippy cup and 3 cups of milk (one with strawberry quik)

  • made 2 lunches

  • got 4 kids in coats

  • drove 4 kids to school and dropped them off (only 3 not 4)

Am I a Supermom? Definitely not . . . just a mom who woke up late again . . . blasted time change! Did I mention there was a lot of crying (not by me) and some yelling (by me) and Ethan got dressed at 8:20 and they should be at school at 8:25. Reese didn't wear shoes or have her coat zipped on the way to school. Addison didn't get her hair combed (me too), no one brushed their teeth (including me), I don't know if anyone had hats or gloves and it's freezing outside. I'm probably the only preschool mom who walks her kids to the front door of the school and opens it and sends them in. Every other parent is walking their {ONE!} child to their classroom. I wouldn't even walk them to the front door but it's too heavy for them to open. I'm all for independence and don't want to go in since this Supermom hasn't done anything to herself except get dressed (and geesh I haven't even been up an hour . . . I'm not ready to mingle with real people yet) . . . now this Supermom is off to do some laundry, pick up the breakfast dishes, eat some breakfast, and possibly scrapbook during the baby's nap.

Edited to add: Looks like this Supermom needs to find an iron for her outfit huh? I wish I was Supermom so I could figure out how to get something done while still having time for me.

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Penny Smith said...

Dropped 4 kids off at school? Did you pick up an extra pre-schooler on the way? :)

Hang in there!

Though I am spoiled and my hubby does all you mentioned (hence making him SuperDAD!)that is me anytime I even HELP with the routine! :)