Thursday, August 26, 2010

The ties that bind

Grammy generously bought the kids tennis shoes for kindergarten. Caden wanted something superhero and Ethan was looking for anything Toy Story related.  Addison and Grammy were determined to get on the fad bandwagon of Twinkle Toe Shoes.  They found them.   If you don't know what Twinkle Toes shoes are it's Dorothy's ruby red slippers on crack:  Rhinestones, foil, glitter, and blinking colored strobe lights that could be used to find a kid in the thickest fog.  The boys' shoes were velcro but Addison's had shoe laces.  A few weeks before school started I worked with her a bit on learning to tie her own shoes.  She did okay for her first time.
Then a couple days before school started, Aaron announced that they had to learn to tie their shoes before school started or they couldn't go to kindergarten.  "'We' aren't even working on it!" is what he said. 
I explained to him that you didn't have  to learn to tie your shoes before kindergarten started like when we were 5 and that we, meaning Addison and I, were working on it.  The second time we practiced, she got it. 
She was so proud!  She's been tying her shoes every day before school. 
She does need Mom to tighten them up but I am so proud of her for learning this.
One down, three kids to go!

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