Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Our Version of Hoarders

Have you seen those shows about the hoarding people?  There are a few.  I don't watch them on a regular basis but I've seen an episode here and there.  If not, it's people and their STUFF that is about ready or already has exploded outside their home.  Their houses are just packed and usually they are walking on their stuff to move around.  These people usually seem "normal" to the the outside world, are clean, dress nice, have friends, and hold jobs, then enter their home and it's a bizarre scene, thus exploiting them on TV.  It amazes me how exhausting it would be to live like that with stacks of things in every room, barely having room to eat or sleep or even walk.

Tonight I decided I would clean up the kids' room.  Pull out the beds, vacuum behind them, pick up stuff that falls under the beds, etc.  Tonight I realized one of our very own family members might be a future hoarder "star":  Addison.  She has stuff stashed everywhere. 

She collects bags, suitcases, and containers then fills them with random things:  lip gloss, yo-yos, play coins, sand shovels, bits of paper, candy, used straws, pet shop figures, an ignition switch (yes, I found an ignition switch with the key in there),  markers, socks, folded up blankets, etc, etc, etc .... Some things are hers, some things are community owned like markers and crayons and toys, and some things aren't hers at all like the ignition switch which I believe somehow she snuck home from Dad's house.  Am I surprised?  No, not really. 

I have issues with stuff sometimes.  I am doing lots better lately.  Trying not to save every single thing because someday I might need it or want it.  I've been taking at least a garbage bag a week to Goodwill.  Of course, it probably is genetic.  Dad was a hoarder.  He saved EVERYTHING and then some.  He loved to shop for clothes at Goodwill.  We found a couple of rooms of Goodwill clothes when we were cleaning out the house .... most he never wore ... tags were still on them.  That was just one of his hoarding tendencies.  I don't fall for the whole "people who hoard are depressed or have issues" deal.  Some people who hoard are depressed or have things wrong just like some people who are neat and uncluttered can be depressed and have issues.  Some people who hoard just like stuff or think they are going to need it again. 

Tonight as I was going through Addison's closet with her and discussing why she was putting things here, there and everywhere .... I think I realized she just needs her own space a bit more.  Sharing a room with 3 other people and not having some of your very own space to put your stuff is probably a big part of her problem.  A problem I need to get a handle on so it doesn't get worse.  So I need to get moving on getting the boys moved out of the 4 person bedroom and downstairs to their room and creating some space just for her and Reese.  I'm sure all the kids need this a bit.  

Of course she comes by it naturally, but an ignition switch???????  Even I wouldn't save that.

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S Glup said...

an ignition switch??? pretty cool, to her maybe...too stinkin cute....sounds like my David...he's 3 and will be 4 in Feb and is defiantly showing signs of hoarding....carries random things around in his little case...for a while he was stashing his toys in my scrapbooking even took picture on my blog of cleanup day...gotta love their uniqueness

Sheri G