Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Kindergarten Trio

Today was the first (half) day of kindergarten for the kids.  I surprised them with a little gift bag of a new shirt to wear today, cool ice pack for lunches, backpack charms, and a swirly straw and fun fizzy drinks.
The backpacks were filled with:
3 sets of Crayola water color paints
6 boxes of Crayola crayons
3 boxes of Crayola washable markers
3 packs of dry erase markers
3 erasers
3 plastic school boxes
24 glue sticks
6 bottles of white glue
3 pairs of scissors
3 2” 3-ring binders
3 back packs
2 boxes of sandwich Ziploc bags
1 box of gallon Ziploc bags
3 pairs of gym shoes
6 boxes of Kleenex

They were ready.  Even cooperated for the photos.
Ethan:  no crying going into school today .... I hope this is the new daily trend for him.

Caden didn't seem as nervous as he usually is for new things.
Addison was typically excited!  She even tied her own {twinkle toes} shoes today.

Reese wants to go to school too!  She only has three more years until kindergarten.
I walked them in to sit in their class lines in the gym.  This is the point where the tears started to well up for Mommy.  I was really surprised by this because I didn't think it would be emotional for me at all.  I had to gain composure or I was going to be a total mess in front of the entire elementary school.
Here's a glimpse at all three of them ... Ethan is in the background sucking his thumb, he was a bit nervous once we got to school.
He did fine though (I think).  They said they liked it and each earned some Toto Treats (school wide reward system).  They didn't have much to say but told me that they liked their teachers!  When Daddy got home there was a lots of talk about Long Johns (the donut ones) which was mentioned in some assembly today .... I think it had to do with bus safety and the morning breakfast program but all they remember is the Long John part then they asked me what Long Johns are. 
I think they are ready to go back tomorrow for a full day.
I know I am ready .... I got an entire closet cleaned out in 3 short hours today and tomorrow I am painting an entire room! I love school!

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Ashley said...

Great Pictures! Tell Addison that Aunt Ashley is so proud of her for learning how to tie her shoes! Miss you guys! Hope to see ya soon!