Wednesday, August 11, 2010

A Super Party

Our Super Hero party was almost 2 weeks ago .... I thought it was fun. It was simple and I loved that we had it outdoors. Since ALL my children and my hubby have birthdays in November, outdoor parties aren't usually an option but we planned to do their party in the summer. I had so much fun making the decor. Really it was no stress at all. I had all my ideas compiled and I have come to the realization in life that sometimes you just have to drop some stuff off a list and it doesn't matter. I also simplified other people's projects to make them easier, less time consuming, cheaper and it didn't matter one little bit.

Backyard Bar-B-Que, red, blue, and yellow decor, a borrowed bounce house and popcorn machine from the grandparents, a personalized cape and mask for each superhero and a simple obstacle course and it was hit with all 10 kids (all cousins to my kids).
The kids decorated their capes and masks with felt star stickers.

Our obstacle course was small because our yard is small.  I just used stuff we had around the house.

The barbell offered up some fun photo ops.
It was really heavy!

Jackson really got into his inner superhero.

The kids and I made the pinata.  It really was homemade looking but I liked that about it. 
Unfortunately the part where it the twine attached wasn't as strong as it should be.  Then we played pinata ball.
Which worked and everyone got a turn.

Most of our superheroes ... I think they had a good time!
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Laura said...

My boys are totally into heros right now. I can totally appreciate how much fun the kiddos must have had. Great job!

Ashley said...

Great pictures. I just got mine developed and I love the one with dad in the tunnel. Did you get one of the those. I will get you a copy if you didn't. Audrey and Blaine had a great time and we did too!