Friday, September 3, 2010

This Weekend

It's the last "official" weekend of the summer so on this {3 day} weekend we are:

*Moving the boys downstairs to their "new" room. {requires a ton of deciding where other furniture will go in our house}
*Finding new homes for toys that used to live in the playroom (decluttering!)
*Spending some time on the farm
*Taking the kids to McDonalds .... they are begging
*Cleaning up my scrapbooking and sewing table .... what a mess!
*Sewing .... quilt tops, beanbags, a couple gifts
*Scrapbooking .... needing some creative time
*Watching a parade .... we usually go to the Labor Day Parade.  The kids love it plus it's a good place to get a bunch of candy to put in birthday pinatas (how bad is that?)
*Having at home "movie date" with my hubby
*Make a yummy treat ... what I don't know but pumpkins bars sound good
*Cook breakfast .... bacon, eggs, pancakes, hashbrowns .... I don't think I've done since before my dad died over 4 months ago!
*Locate a positive attitude for me ... somehow it's become misplaced, maybe in my messy house and with the start of school
*I would love to go to the scrapbook store ... I have gift certificates just to get away but not sure if that is in the cards for me and if not that's okay .....

I'm looking forward to a long weekend, getting things accomplished, relaxing, creating, and eating.  I hope the same for everyone else too!

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