Friday, August 13, 2010

Creative Juices

Last week, I found some motivation and some time to scrapbook.  I wondered if I'd really ever want to do it again.  After Dad died, I just really had no desire to do much creative stuff.  So after about 4 months, I was a bit rusty.  So I do what I always do when I'm stumped:  copy somebody else.  Here's the original .... I really don't know who's page this is .... I think it's a Lisa page meaning Lisa Day or Lisa Truesdell or Lisa Dickinson ... boy, do I really a lot of scrapbookers' blogs whose name is Lisa?

Then I invited my friend, Brenda, over and we spent an afternoon cutting and pasting.  I copied a layout from Lynn.  I couldn't find her original on her blog but I pretty much did it exactly the way she did.

Just like riding a bike ... copying other people's work that is.  I am ready to do some more "fun stuff" around here too.  I think I am going to paint a room or two.  We're getting ready to split up the kids into 2 bedrooms so some decorating and redecorating will be going on.  I never finished any of the quilts from when I redid their room last year.  I have all the fabric and some things started and I have lots of ideas, just been short on time with all these kids running around here so in a couple weeks when the big ones go back to school, I'm going to be busy with painting and sewing, I'm so looking forward to it.  After all, I've found lots of ideas for their rooms to copy, I'm really good at that!

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