Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Blogging Break

Break from blogging: not because we're not doing anything ... actually doing lots lately. Today's a down day and it would be the perfect time to "catch up" on blogging but naw .... I think I'll search the internet for more birthday party ideas (for November!) And look at all the creative craft and scrapbook blogs I'd ignored for months. I'm getting the itch to scrapbook and sew and do projects. We painted today and that's about it. Reese and Ethan are napping and I think I might just join them .... then have a margarita ..... sounds like a relaxing day .... I need one once in a while.
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Penny Smith said...

I don't blame you!
How have you been? I say Keely at CHA! Came up behind her and scared her! :)
Did you get all the farm stuff sorted and done? I have been thinking about you!!