Saturday, April 28, 2007

Could this be too many Toys????

This is how Addison sleeps! She has to have about 4 blankets or "boos" as she calls them, several books, and all those stuffed toys. I clean out her bed about once a week to downsize all that stuff but it's no use; she slowly sneaks things back in. I don't know know how she can be comfortable at all but she is. Both she and Ethan hardly ever wake up and they each sleep in their beds all night which is more than I can say for their brother, Caden. Caden sleeps with us about 4-5 times a week. I can't stand it! We only have a queen size bed and with Aaron and I in there and the annoying cat too, there just isn't much room for another person even if he really isn't that big. Plus he brings a blanket or two and his monkey and his dog. He can't stand to be covered up so he sleeps between us on top of the covers which is so convenient for us. Then he never holds still and is kicking me in the face, stomach, and back. Sometimes he sleeps horizontally to us and that is even worse. I hate to be touched when I'm sleeping and I need room to get comfortable, heck I wouldn't even mind it if Aaron and I did the "I Love Lucy" separate beds thing. He hasn't always slept with us. It started when he turned one and had a bad ear infection and we let him come to our bed and that's where it all started. He takes naps by himself and goes to sleep in his own bed but wakes up around 1-3 am. A couple times we tried to make him "cry it out" and he cried for about 4 straight hours and Aaron was more than mad and I was exhausted. Soon he is going to stay in his own bed. We're working on a plan because Mommy needs uninterrupted sleep!


Keely said...

That girl is too funny. She sleeps with more junk than Jackson does!

Kimberly said...

I just came across your blog on the TC. My madien name is Murray. This is so neat. I have found Murray Quads, Murray Triplets, and Guinn (my married name) Triplets. Your babies are precious