Wednesday, April 11, 2007

New Do's

On Monday we went to get our hair cut again. We go to the local community beauty college, Carl Sandburg Cosmetology. We go there because the first time I took them to my regular hair-stylist, Stephanie, at JcPenney it cost almost $50 for all 3 kids to get trims. I love Stephanie but we can't afford that every couple of months. CSC only charges $4.50 per kid and all 3 kids can get their hair cut at the same time instead of waiting. Caden and Ethan normally sit all by themselves in chairs and have no problems. Addison, on the other hand, doesn't like it and I have to hold her and the "teacher" had to go buy her cookies from the snack machine to get her to hold still long enough to cut her bangs. Caden has a TON of hair and it is always a mess. He hates combs and cries when we try to do anything with it so I thought since spring/summer are hopefully around the corner we should do "BUZZ CUTS". Caden did wonderfully and I think it looks great. Ethan was a little more nervous than normal and wanted to cling to his Grandma too much so he didn't get as much off as I would have liked but his hair grows slowly so next time we'll go shorter. Addison managed to let her bangs be cut and a little trim off the back. She looks so much better now that we can see her eyes again. I love Caden's hair ~ it really makes his big blue eyes pop and now his hair looks just like Daddy's.

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