Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Our FIRST day of "SCHOOL"

So yesterday was the BIG day -- our first day at All Aboard Preschool Program! As you can tell by the photos that getting up and around ready to leave the house by 8:30 isn't something we normally do. But we made it on time even a little bit early! The kids were not excited as every time I asked if they wanted to go to school Addison and Caden gave the favorite 2-year-old word of "NO!". I'm sure Ethan would have told me the same thing if he said "no" yet. The first hour was free play time. They have everything set up in stations like kitchen area with a washer and dryer, computer, ball pit, chalkboard, play-dough, fish tank, etc. The only rule is you have to "pick up" before you leave one area to go to another. This is not something my kids even have the slightest inclination about. They just throw toys on the floor and run to the next thing. So most of my time was spent dragging a child back to the forgotten toys to pick it up. Then it was circle time -- the time I was most concerned about. The kids did so awesome though. Addison didn't even sit by me and Ethan sat beside me and Caden on my lap. All of circle time was music/singing which my kids love! Last week our developmental therapist, Krista, had brought 2 songs to our house with props to go along with it and we did the same exact songs at school too. We hit sticks on wooden blocks for one and shook bean bags for another. We played with a teddy bear and parachute. And finally we did "Ring Around the Rosey" and that is our all time favorite here. One of the teachers commented more than once on how well they did. We'll see if that happens again -- might have been beginner's luck I don't know. Snack time was last and didn't go so well for Ethan. He threw his sippie cup twice and flung his crackers across the table. He either was tired or didn't care for the dinosaur crackers. I held him on my lap. It was hard for them to understand that they couldn't play again. They read a book to them at snack time and it seemed that Addison and Caden paid attention. I was really pleased with their effort I noticed that art time was listed on the schedule too but we didn't do any organized kind of art so maybe that's just occasionally. .
The teachers said we will need to make goals for each of the kids too and we'll sit down next week to discuss these. I'm looking forward to it tomorrow. There are 6 other kids in the class but yesterday only 3 others were there so maybe we'll meet some new friends tomorrow!

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